Below is a catalog of some of my more noteworthy projects over the years displayed in reverse chronological order.  Click the thumbnails to learn more about each.


A voyage to Tolkien's Middle-earth

This eight minute short-film is but a preview of the 3d renders generated from my Endorian height-map

Tolkien's Middle-earth - Endor Reborn

Bringing Middle-earth to life through the game Morrowind

Shattered State - Ghost Recon Siege League

Hosted by, Shattered State offered new concepts in play for the classic tactical FPS

Tolkien's Middle-earth for Civilization III

This modpack offers a total conversion of Firaxis' Civ III to a complete Tolkien-esque style

Eclipse's Weapons Pack and Ammo Calculator

This Rogue Spear modpack included a variety of newly modeled weapons and my ammo calculator