Initial Release Date: 03/03/00


Description:  Eclipse's Weapons Pack and Ammo Calculator was initially released for Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear to not only provide a multitude of additional firearms and ammo types to the game but to also crack the formula for creating ultra-realistic ammunition characteristics. 


Duredhel's Notes:  Developed under my other  moniker, Eclipse, I had endeavored to include some of the more fascinating firearms available to military and law enforcement today to the game Rogue Spear.  Not an overly ambitious modpack it included a half dozen new weapons, such as the FN P90, FiveSeven pistol, HK PDW, and variations of the infamous HK MP5. 

One trend I had noticed with the many weapons modpacks being released for Rogue Spear during the first couple of months of 2000 was that the physical characteristics of the ammo type was being virtually ignored despite the games amazing customization capabilities.  Bucking the status quo I tore into the ammo configuration files and was able to successfully reverse engineer nearly every variable utilizing what few developer notes were available at the time and a great deal of trial and error.  The product of this work was the inclusion of no less than five unique ammo types for each new firearm and the Ammo Calculator.

Current Status:  Not more than a month after I completed this modpack Red Storm released the hugely successful Rogue Spear expansion pack, Urban Operations.  Realizing that the majority of their loyal consumers were attempting to mod the core game Red Storm built a Mod Selector option right into the interface making much easier for fans to load and unload multiple mods.  I updated my modpack to function with the revised mod-handling capabilities and no further work was required. 

The weapons pack and ammo calculator were made available separately and as a package on the fan site where it remained until the site disappeared shortly after the release of Red Storm's next generation FPS, Ghost Recon.  The ammo calculator managed to weather the storm of my numerous hard drive upgrades and can be found at the following link...

Rogue Spear Ammo Calculator


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