Initial Release Date: In Development


Description:  Endor Reborn is a 1:8 scale representation of Tolkien's Middle-earth depicted within the game, Morrowind.  The goal of this mod is to accurately portrait the entire continent of Endor complete with land textures and static objects fitting of the Tolkien style.  Once the basic landscape is complete the next step would be to open the project up to the Morrowind Modding community on which to build additional mods.


Duredhel's Notes:  This project, or more directly, the Morrowind component of Endor Reborn began in late-2002/early-2003 and was based upon the Middle-earth height-map I'd been working on for the better part of a year up to that point.  You can read more about the height-map project here.  When translated into Morrowind the entire continent roughly 48,000 cells broken into four sections.  On last count the four sections (.esp files) totaled nearly 1gb and they are still not fully populated with trees, rocks, and other foliage. 

The two primary tools I've been using during development are Adobe Photoshop, of course, and Terragen.  Another tool which I began tweaking is mGen, which was specifically written to import terrain files directly to Morrowind .esp files.  MS Excel has also proved invaluable in being able to rapidly name the tens of thousands of cells and to also help manage the height-map levels.

Current Status:  At present, there is no ETA as to when a version 1.0 will be available as this project is not at the top of my priority list right now.  My goal has been to finish the four core .esp files and get it into the hands of the modding community to begin testing with to provide me some much needed feedback.  What's left to complete are the rules set that mGen uses to determine where to place textures and objects when building the .esp files.  Once this is complete there will be very little to wrap-up before proceeding with the public beta test.  In the meantime, please refer to the forums for updates.

Additional screenshots and miscellaneous artwork associated to the Endor Reborn project can be located at the following link...

Endor Reborn Artwork


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