The majority of these pictures were created using a combination of applications consisting of Photoshop, Bryce, Vue d'Espirit, Poser, and PhotoImpact, among others. I also use 3D Studio Max and Lightwave for any custom modeling work.  Be sure to click the thumbnail to view a larger version.


Not just another pretty face

This was actually an attempt to create a model based on an actual person. I believe the comment from the individual went something like, "OMG! It's me!"

Attitude Adjustment

As funny as it sounds, this was actually my first render with this Orc model. Needless to say, I had something else on my mind. :)

Mountains by Moonlight

Being my only picture solely consisting of landscape, my intent was to create a decent backdrop for later use.

A Pensive Pose

I spent a great deal of effort fine tuning both the props and textures on this model. My hope was that I could break the mold of the typical elf. A Dark Elf indeed.

Contours of Age

Intrigued with the usefulness of bump and displacement maps I went about aging my immortal elven warrior. I was also pleased with how the lighting turned out as well.

Bad Bite

Not overly happy with the classic vampiric fangs that the original Orc model was sporting I set about replacing them with a more gnarled set of chompers.

Ambush at Dusk

By far my most labor intensive picture, I spent many hours (or more accurately, my computer spent many hours) choking over the ultra-rich 3d environment. In the end, I was pleased with how well it turned out.

Endor Reborn

Here's a recent export of my original Middle-Earth height-map. Originally borrowed from Iron Crown's Endor map I morphed it to lend more focus to the NW corner.