Who is this guy?

I consider myself a near fanatical gamer who lives and breathes games of all genres and platforms, yearning to create an experience that is the epitome of a games’ paradise.

From a very early age I always knew I would go on to work with computers though I would not have guessed the path I’ve taken.  I’ve enjoyed a career in the computer industry since 1992 specializing more so in network and messaging infrastructure than games.  However, since creating my first WAD files for DOOM in the early 90s I was intrigued with the development of games.  Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten more serious with my ambitions in game design and have undertaken several projects mainly consisting of modpacks for games such as Rainbow Six/Rogue Spear, Civilization III, Ghost Recon, and Morrowind.

Much of the work (or should I say play) I’ve done on modpacks to this point has involved modeling in 3D Studio Max; ample texturing with Photoshop; and oodles of miscellaneous design-work ranging from sounds to scripting to game-play.  So far, there hasn’t been a facet of game design that I’ve avoided for fear of failure.  I find it all too interesting not to at least try!

At present, I’m working on an extremely ambitious project involving accurately duplicating the continent of Endor (aka Tolkien’s Middle-Earth).  It had initially began as just a personal project as I was interested in height-map generation and wanted to familiarize myself with all of it’s trappings.  Once I began I found that the height-map could be used to create ultra-realistic landmasses in a variety of mediums including Morrowind, of which I was already well familiar with.  Upon nearing completion of the Endor modpack for Morrowind another opportunity shone its light upon me and the, once humble, height-map had evolved yet again.  Only time will tell just how this amazing saga will end.